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Video Editing for Social Media

with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro is an exhilarating piece of software, making video editing accessible to anyone who can operate a cursor. Its user-friendly interface allows you to grasp the basics in just three hours, leaving enough time to delve into social media posts. By mastering video editing with Final Cut Pro, you'll unlock a superpower.

What you'll learn

  The basics of Final Cut Pro

  Social media


This course is for

Your Instructor

Erik Loots

I'm Erik Loots, the founder of TwentieFour, a video production company dedicated to supporting clients with a sustainable and social focus. I began my journey as a freelance cameraman and editor 12 years ago, coinciding with the release of Final Cut Pro X. Despite its initial clunkiness, I was mesmerised by its revolutionary approach to editing, and it brought immense joy to my work. I believe video editing is an incredible skill, equivalent to learning how to write or paint, and I'm excited to share the editor's mindset with you to help you advance quickly.


At De Warren

Nydia Ecurystraat 31
1087 NA Amsterdam


22nd of August 2023
19:00 - 22:00 with a 15-minute break.


The course fee is €90,- providing you with the confidence to initiate and complete a full video project.

There's an early bird offer of €45,- if you reserve your spot before the 18th of August.