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Shoot, Edit, Post, Amaze!

Workshops to make you a more confident content creator.


When I first started as a videographer, I was filled with anxiety. I kept worrying that I wouldn't capture the right shots during my shoots. But as time went on, I discovered the power of having a solid plan and honing my craft. It pushed me forward and made me better

Of course, the anxieties haven't gone completely, but I found that they play a large role in creating more compelling stories. Once I got the hang of the basics, my confidence grew.

Sure, there's a whole bunch of editing programs and countless lighting options out there, and it might seem overwhelming at first. But trust me, there's a logic to it all and then it's not that scary at all.

Originally, I started sharing some tips with my interns to get better results for my company. But you know what? I loved teaching them so much that I turned it into a full-fledged course for anyone to join.

I aim to transform the abstract into the understandable for you, and that's why I incorporate many ideas from my other great passion: food. So, if you don't like to eat you're out of luck. :)

Take a look around, see what I have to offer, and who knows? Maybe we'll get the chance to work together.